Glittery Smokey Brown Eye

My most recent obsession is glitter, but more specifically glittery eyeshadow. For the longest time I really only used matte and the odd shimmer here and there. But right now I'm all about the glitter. I'm really not sure what had sparked this sudden obsession, but it may very well be the fact I'm in the Christmas spirit. *Cue Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas*

To create this glittery smokey brown eye, I used the Bobbi Brown Telluride palette, this is limited edition and I think it's sold out, but any shades similar to these would give the same look! 

Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette - Limited Edition

Names of eyeshadow colours from left - right: Cream, Woodrose, Velvet Plum Metallic, Blazing Star Sparkle, Heather Rose Shimmer Wash, Antique Rose, Smokey Brown 

Step 1: Using a flat shadow brush dust Cream all over your lid, then using a fluffy crease brush, blend Woodrose into your crease. 

Step 2: Blend Heather Rose Shimmer Wash to your outer corner and up across your crease to add more definition. 

Step 3: Using a flat brush spray it with MAC Prep + Prime Fix + and dip your brush into Velvet Plum Metallic. Add this shade all across your lid. 

Step 4: With a tapered brush use Smokey Brown and apply this just to your outer corners. 

Step 5: To finish off the shadow, on a smudge brush use a mix of Woodrose and Heather Rose Shimmer Wash across the lower lash line. 

And that's the finished look! For my lips I used Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Kit in Love Bite.

xo, V