Hair Time: CZE by Tania Hot Hair Oil Masque

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win the CZE by Tania giveaway on Tannis Miller Create. CZE by Tania is a Winnipeg-based, all-natural hot hair oil masque product. When I found out I won, I was so excited to try out Tania's product. You see about a month ago I ombréd my hair, and I'm totally loving it, but like most people who add bleach to their hair, mine was feeling fairly dry on the ends. So when I got my hands on Tania's hot hair oil masque I was ecstatic.

I had the chance to ask Tania some question about herself and CZE by Tania. Here's what she said.

Meet Tania:

"Well I actually have a business background and got my diploma from Red River College in Business Administration. When I was at RRC I actually decided I wanted to continue onto University and enrolled to do the joint program with Asper Business School at the University of Manitoba. At Asper I studied Entrepreneurship/Small Business as my major knowing I wanted to start my own business one day. I graduated from Asper in December 2014 and started the business at the end of summer 2015.

In my free time I'm a total outdoors girl! I love jogging, swimming and just being at the lake. Being outside really re-energizes me :).

This spring/summer I'm looking forward to hitting up all kinds of farmers markets and pop-up shows with my products and getting my website up and running - we reserved the name to so please stay tuned for that in the coming months! "

How CZE by Tania started:

"For the longest time, I noticed my hair seemed to never grow. It just seemed to stay at the same length- right around the shoulders. I even noticed it would breakaway and almost appear even shorter.

In my college days I tried hair extensions just to give myself some extra length. Well that didn't last very long as my boyfriend thought that taking out a full set of hair and leaving it laying around was "creepy"..Hah! It didn't stop me right away but eventually it got a bit much to put in and take out everyday.

When I started University I began to Google different things like "how to make your hair grow" and "how to grow out your hair naturally". I was finding different recipes and began to blend different oils. I started to play with the ratios and figured out a blend that eventually made my hair grow halfway down my back, and not to mention look a hundred times better and healthier within a matter of a few months. A lot of friends and family took notice and would ask if I was still wearing my extensions! They asked what I was doing to my hair, and told me that my hair was getting really nice and long....and thats how I came up with my hair masque!"

Tania's favourite part about CZE by Tania:

"My favorite part of CZE is two things. First, coming up with new products. I'm currently in the middle of working on five new products...all of which are hair related and will be ready for spring/summer. And second, I love hearing about my customers experience and their great results and how they have fallen in love with my product... nothing feels better than that."

Tania's favourite CZE by Tania scents:

"For the hair masques- it's a close tie between Lavender and Bergamot + Lime!!! For the beard oil - the True North by far."

Why she created the CZE by Tania beard oil:

"I actually had a lot of men using my hair masque on their hair and beards. My boyfriend even started to style his hair with it because it almost has a thick enough consistency to get a nice light hold if you're combing your hair over.

I thought it would be nice to kind of cater to my men's demographic and create something specifically for them. And with beards being so popular nowadays I thought it would make sense for me to go down this route."

Here is how I use Tania's hair oil masque.

When I apply the masque I followed Tania's directions very carefully.

1) I warmed about 1/3 tsp at a time between my hands

2) I have thick hair so I massaged four teaspoons to my hair and combed it through

3) Then I put my hair in a bun on the top of my head, wrapped it in a towel, and left it in overnight

4) The next morning I washed it out


Even after one use my hair was already smoother and shinier! I'm definitely a fan of her hair oil, and the biggest change I've noticed is my split ends - it's totally helped them. And like I said my hair is dyed and it worked very well on my processed hair.

If you're interested in getting your hands on CZE by Tania you can email her at and don't forget to follow her on Instagram @czebytania and like CZE by Tania on Facebook here.

xo, V