Naked Smoky Review and Tutorial

About a week ago I caved and decided to splurge on the new Naked Smoky palette. If you are even a little bit aware of makeup then you've probably heard of Urban Decay's Naked palettes. I have the second and third one, but when I saw the gorgeous new Naked Smoky palette I just knew I had to add it to my collection. So after a couple weeks of putting it off I finally went out and purchased it.

First off let me just start off by saying the packaging is stunning, the partially transparent smoky design is gorgeous and the full-size mirror is perfect. The brush is the standard double-ended brush for the Naked palettes, but customized for making the perfect smoky eye. One end is a fluffy tapered brush, which is perfect for blending and the other end is a short smudge brush for making it easy to create a smoky eye.

This palette comes with 12 gorgeous shades ranging from glitters, to shimmers, to mattes and with a balance of cool and warm tones. The mixture of colours is what really drew me to the palette. Some of my favourite colours in the palettes are Dirtysweet a goldy glitter, Smolder a deep purple shimmer, and Whiskey a matte brown.

Currently my favourite look to create with this palette is a glamours daytime smoky eye with a dramatic wing. Follow the photo's below for a tutorial on this look.

Step one: With a crease brush and the colour 

Combust, blend the colour into your crease.

Step 2: Using a flat eyeshadow brush take the colour High 

and sweep it across the inner two thirds of your eye lid.

Step 3: Using a the smudge end of the brush that comes with the 

pallet take the colour Smolder and place it on your outer 'V'. 

Step 4: Take the same brush and the colour Black Market

and deepen up the very outer corner of your eye. Then

with a very fluffy blending brush blend it out with the 

colour password.

Step 5: Using the colour Armor place that over the middle 

of your lid to add more glitter to the look. Take the same fluffy

blending brush that you used before and blend out the look

until there are no harsh lines.

Step 6: Take the colour Thirteen and use it as a brown bone 

highlight and in the inner corner of your eye. Add mascara 

and a winged line to complete the look.

And you're done! 

xo, V