Office Attire

It's been over a year now since I've entered the 'real world' (post-college life) and working at an office job. This means my clothes have started to change and not just with the seasons. I've watched my college go-to pieces (leggings and a tunic dress) start to fade to the back of my closet and blazers and blouses take over the majority of my wardrobe.

Even though Summer is still sorta kinda hanging on by a thread here in Winnipeg, Fall is definitely creeping up quickly and my cute dresses and skirts are going to end up in hibernation soon. This means I'll have to start wearing pants again. I'm not going to lie although I like pants, finding comfortable and stylish work pants has been a bit of a challenge for me. I literally have had like one pair that I actually like wearing. Also, let's face it, pant shopping sucks. No matter what size or height you are it can be hard to find that perfect fitting pant. For me either they are way too short or they are too tight at the thighs.

So, when Ricki's reach out to me to about their Instant Smooth pants I was excited, but nervous all at the same time to try them. According to Ricki's these pants are already hit among their shoppers which also made me even more intrigued. After trying them on, I was actually really happy with how they looked AND even more happy about the FIT! What makes these pants special is that they have a smoothing panel around the top of the pants. This Instant Smooth panel is not designed to suck you in, but instead makes the top of the pants more comfortable and smooths things out. I also have to add I'm really impressed by the length of the pants.

*Thank you to Ricki's for gifting me these pants.* 

The office outfit I put together is all around a neutral colour palette that plays with unique pieces, warm tone metals, and features the Instant Smooth pants in the Slim style. The pants and cotton black shirt create the perfect, comfortable base to this outfit. I added this gorgeous long vest and amazing strappy stilettos to finish off the look.

Ps. If you go to Ricki's from now until September 25 and try on a pair of Instant Smooth Pants you'll get 25% off your entire purchase even if you don't get the pants. 

xo, V