The First Post

The obligatory first post. Every blogger has to do it once. I've been thinking for a while what I should write for my first post. I thought of just jumping right in with a fashion or beauty related post, but I decided why not introduce myself first.

Let me start off by saying thanks for stopping by.

My name is Vanessa, but most of my friends call me V. I'm a writer and a college student.

Starting a style blog is something I've been wanting to do for while now. I've read style blogs and watched beauty gurus on YouTube for years. So I've finally jumped the boat and decided to start my own style focused blog.

I've always had a love for fashion, and beauty. When I was young I used to cut pictures out of magazines and make my own fashion mood boards.

My personal style has evolved a lot since then. I went through the "punk rock" stage, the "jeans and high tops" stage, and the "the frilly vintage" stage.

What is my style now? Simplistic. I love simple pieces that you can dress up or down.

My fashion must-have? A faux leather jacket. It instantly adds an edge to any outfit.

My beauty must-have? The perfect red lipstick. My go to is "Ruby Woo" by

MAC Cosmetics


You can read more here about me here:

Meet V

Photos by: Claire Mccaffrey

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xo, V