Transition Your Style from Winter to Spring

If I had to pick a seasonal transition that was the hardest to dress for I’d hands down give the crown to the Winter-Spring transition period. Unless you live in a location that doesn’t really change seasons much, tell me you haven’t experience the dilemma of dressing for this weather? Specifically, when you get ready in the morning thinking it’s going to be cold, but magically half way through the day it warms up and your sweating in your winter parka. Winnipeggers – you know what this girl’s talking about.

With that being said, I’ve complied a few of my favourite tips when it comes to dressing to this hot and cold (literally) weather. These tips include spring trends to lookout for to unique accessories like wooden watches to add something extra to your outfit.

1. Layer, layers, layers. This might be obvious, but sometimes I forget this. There’s nothing worse than underdressing and then getting into your freezing car first thing in the morning or the complete opposite of that being overdressed and getting into a warm car in the afternoon. Layers make it easy to control this. To achieve this I tend to wear a thinner coat with a blazer or cardigan underneath and then my top. I also love adding a scarf, because like I said spring mornings – at least in Winnipeg – are freezing and I like being warm.

2. Slowly start incorporating classic spring pieces. It’s time to swap your plaid scarf for a floral one, and move on from jewel tones to pastels. This is a really, really easy way to help take your overall outfit from winter to spring. This also includes switching out your black/dark coloured hand-bag for a brighter more ‘springy’ one for a really quick change.

3. Don’t feel like you have to wear a skirt or dress when it’s still cold. Yes, dresses and skirts scream spring and summer, but there’s plenty of other options for achieving the spring look. For instance in the outfit I’m wearing – a long-sleeved top and ankle cropped pants - I focused on two spring 2018 trends, sheer fabrics, and ruffles!

4. Stick with closed toe heels. I know with the earliest sight of spring you just want to show off your freshly painted toes, but with the unpredictable weather it’s safer (and warmer) to stick to heels that aren’t peep-toe. Or even a cute pair of rain boots when it’s an even cooler spring day.

5. Keep your accessories simple, but unique like a wooden watch! Jord’s unique wood watches are the perfect piece to accent any outfit. Not only are they gorgeous, but seriously a wooden watch? How cool is that? If you’re interested in purchasing one enter my giveaway for a chance to a $100 credit for Jord Watches so you can add one of these beauties to your collection.

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With that here’s a few more looks at my go-to winter-spring outfit and of my stunning Jord wooden watch.

xo, V