Why You Should Start a Blog & Tips

When you search beauty or fashion blog on the Internet there is no shortage of them. With thousands and thousands of blogs – many of tremendous quality – it can be a bit daunting to actually start one. 

Personally I've been reading blogs for over five years now and still love it. I love grabbing a good cup of coffee and catching up on my favourite blogs. 

But when it came to starting my own blog it took a little leap of faith. The Trendy Files just had its six month anniversary this month, and I'm extremely proud and happy of the content I've created and the growth of my little blog. 

Since I've started blogging one of the most asked question I get is – why?

"Why start a blog?" and "Why beauty and fashion?"


Why not?

I've had many friends come to me and tell me they've always wanted to blog, or always thought that it would be fun. And I always encourage them to start a blog. Yes, it helps if you're a decent writer, but that shouldn't stop you from not blogging if you aren't. And by no means am I a professional stylist or makeup artist, I've just learned on my own throughout the years and have created my own personal brand.

Blogs are extremely personal. They reflect your personal brand. It gives its reader a look inside of what the blogger is thinking and what he/she is like. If you're not a great writer, but like to draw use that to your ability. Incorporate art into your post. If you love taking photos tell a story with your photos. There's many different ways to get around it, you just have to be creative. 

That's my next point creativity. Creativity is probably the hardest part about having a blog. What does your blog have that the next doesn't? My best advice for that is to put you into it. Whether it showcases your personal style, your writing, or a combination of things. You are unique which will help make your blog stand out. 

Blogging is a way to get your voice heard and lets you express who you are. With fashion and beauty blogs they are a reflection of what the blogger likes and dislikes. They tend to mirror the bloggers' personal style, and give its readers different insight on fashion and beauty. This can be said for almost any type of blog out there, they are a reflection of the blogger. 

When it comes to tips on blogging I have a few that I've learned over the past while.

1. Get familiar with your blogging platform. I've used Blogger and Wordpress, and have blogs on both platforms. But I had to spend a while just learning the ins and outs of how to use the program. 

2. Try to keep to a schedule. This one can be hard, I struggle with this every week. But if you can keep to some sort of schedule this will only make your blog stronger. Not only will your readers know when to expect new content, but having regular posts will up your rankings on search engines. 

3. Plan your post in advance. This one helps with the keeping on schedule. At the beginning of each month I try to think up of about four to five post that I could write for that month. And if I can I will write them early and save them as a draft to post later. 

If you're looking for more tips a good friend of mine Claire McCaffrey has a blog called

Becoming a Beauty Blogger

Her blog is a great place to start if you're interested in being a beauty (or fashion) blogger. She covers everything from what SEO is to why lighting will change your photography game. She knows what she's talking about and she's also a phenomenal makeup artist! So if you're interested in beauty blogging I seriously recommend you check her blog out. Her latest post is on the 3 C's of Social Media – Content, Curate, and Conversation. It's a really helpful read! 

Hopefully this post has inspired you to give blogging (specifically beauty or fashion) a try. 

xo, V