Girls Night Outdoors: FortWhyte Alive

Last month I had the pleasure of spending the evening with a few of my favourite bloggers out at FortWhyte Alive. For those who don’t know FortWhyte Alive is a tourist attraction and environmental/recreational centre right on the outskirts of Winnipeg.  

See, I was first introduced to FortWhyte back when I was in elementary school. And I was lucky enough to have a few more field trips there throughout my school years. 


But, last month was the first time I had been back probably since jounir high. And let me tell you, it was such a fun way to spend time with the girls!  

So let me breakdown what the activities were that we did! 

1. Cruiser Bikes

Okay, first things first. How CUTE are these bicycles that they have? Using these during our visit was the perfect way to get around and enjoy FortWhyte’s paths.  


2. Floating Marsh Boardwalks

Once we got our bikes, we headed down the Wetland Boardwalk Trail toward one of my favourite spots: The Floating Marsh Boardwalks. This spot is so serene and would a perfect place to watch the sunset. 


3. Bison Prairie

After our stop at the boardwalks we headed in the other direction down the Green Corridor Trail to the Bison Viewing Mound. We sat a top of the point and just took in the scenery. The bisons were huddled in the corner and it was super cool to catch a glimpse of them! 


4. Tree House

The last place we stopped was near the end of the Green Corridor Trail, the Tree House. This is another beautiful place to take in the gorgeous view. Also, it brought back so many nostalgic vibes. I totally felt like a kid again! 

This evening out was so much fun! Special thanks to Reanna from Never See Come Sea and FortWhyte Alive for setting this up for us and to April (@Peggrammer) for taking the gorgeous photos. 

xo, V