How to Prep Your Skin for a Big Event & Giveaway

When it comes to special occasions, it’s no surprise everyone wants to look and feel their best. And one of the biggest parts to that equation is your skin. That’s why I teamed up with my party planning galfriend Alli, from Alli Mae Events to bring you all our best skin care tips to follow before any big event!


There’s two ways to take care of your skin: at home or with professional services. Either option is beneficial for you, but when you combine the two together your skin is going to thank you. Trust us! In order to give you are best advice we put together a list of the top 10 at home skin care tips we’ve learned over the years and we teamed up with The Face Bar Winnipeg to chat about professional skin services.

Now before we jump into our tips it important that you know your skin type. Everybody’s skin is different which means something might work amazing for one person, but not for the other. The tips below are general recommendations and should work for most skin types. Time for the tips!

At Home:

1. Use a silk pillow: Sleeping on a silk pillow is not only a total princess moment, but it’s extremely good for your skin AND hair. For your skin, silk is very gentle and won’t draw out the moisture. Gotta keep that glow! Right ladies and gents?


2. Use the correct moisturizer for skin type: This goes back to what we mentioned before, knowing what type of skin you have, oily, dry, or combo will completely determine what type of moisturizers to use. One rule of thumb is if you are on the oilier side stay away from thick creams and pick a gel based moisturizer.


3. Drink lots of water: This may be obvious, but hydration is not only amazing for your entire body, but also for your skin. Try to drink at least 8 cups of water a day to keep yourself and your skin feeling its best! Don’t skip this step!

4. Don’t start a new routine less than 4 weeks before a big event: A tip Alli repeats to her clients over and over! We know it might be tempting to go out and purchase new products and switch up your skin routine before a big event, but don’t. Testing out new products or routines right before a special event is definitely on the risky side. Best to stick with what you know and works!

5. Use a mask once per week: Sheet masks, mud masks, clay mask…. there are seriously a million and one choices when it comes to face masks. Keep your skin looking fresh by using a mask once a week!

6. Stay away from alcohol and foods prone to giving blemishes: This can be tricky because we don’t always know what can trigger a break out, but try to keep a journal of the foods that have caused your skin to have blemishes. Alcohol is another factor that can also cause them, best to stay clear before any big day!


7. Take off makeup every night before bed: This one is SO key. We know it can be tempting just to roll into your bed after a night out or when your super tired, but ALWAYS take your makeup off. To make it easy and to ensure you will do this keep makeup wipes on your nightstand!


8. Don’t over exfoliate: Too much of a good thing is never good. Yes exfoliating is super important when rejuvenating your skin, but don’t over do it. We tend to exfoliate about 3 times a week which is plenty for most skin types.


9. Use a cooling eye mask to reduce puffiness: No one likes puffy eyes, and that’s where cooling eye masks come into play. Not only do they feel amazing, but they will help eliminate any puffiness around the eyes!

10. Get 8 hours sleep per night: Now just like water, sleep does wonders for the entire body. Help keep your skin looking fresh and ready for the day by getting a full night’s sleep. To help with that, try to go to bed and wake of at the same time each day.

Now that you have your at home routine ready to go, it’s time to give your skin that extra step to really glow! This means getting a professional service, so we teamed up with The Face Bar Winnipeg. The Face Bar Winnipeg is a brand new spot in downtown Winnipeg dedicated to reviving and rejuvenating the skin. With its skin-only focus, you get an experience dedicated to making sure your skin feels its best!

About The Face Bar Winnipeg:

The Ten Spa team has partnered with Beverly Hills Medical Esthetician to the stars, Tricia Dikes to bring The Face Bar to Winnipeg. Our mission is to revolutionize skincare that is often too costly and time consuming. The Face Bar has condensed the facial process into 4 different 30 minutes affordable, high quality and most importantly effective services for everybody. From Beverly Hills to Winnipeg we will be offering Tricia’s Supercharged Signature PEEL and GLOW on the Go facial as well as our very own Hot LIFT and Power PURGE facials priced from $69. Want to know how we get Great Face? The secret is the Face Bar Sequence Peel / Purge / Lift / Glow!

We want to give YOU The Face Bar Winnipeg experience! Head over to our Instagram accounts for a chance to win a Hot Lift facial ($69 value)!

We’d love to hear from you! Comment below with your favourite ways to take care of your skin!

PS. Special thanks to The Face Bar Winnipeg for teaming up with us and providing our giveaway!


V & Alli