Lineage House: Winnipeg’s Luxuriously Natural Salon

As you make your way up the stairs through the side door of 250 Lilac Street in Winnipeg, the music, decor and overall ambiance sets the scene of the boho luxe salon - Lineage House. With a strong focus on enhancing natural beauty and one’s well being, Lineage House is a place to not just go to, but to experience. At the forefront as co-owners are hairstylist sister-duo Francesca (Frenchy) and Marcella (Marchy) Rizzuto.



Marchy began her journey with hair back in 2012 and since then has left her mark with her killer style and talent. Her passion never stops as she’s also continuing to hone her skills by updating her education. Her main focus: overall style and blondes - which she recently just converted to one! You can follow her on Instagram @marchyrizzhair.



Fran has been in the hair industry for over 10 years. After spending some time in Toronto learning the tricks of the trade, she switched into the role as a stylist and educator and moved back home to the Peg. Her main focus: effortless cuts and colours. You can follow her on Instagram @fenchydoesmyhair.

I’ve been getting my hair done by Fran for about a year now (who is amazing by the way!), and when she and her sister opened the doors to their new spot I just knew I had to follow suit! I’d been ready to drastically change my hair, so once they were a few weeks into the swing of things I booked my first experience at Lineage House. I had seen Fran’s Instagram stories with the fun behind-the-scenes look at the space. And even through the short 10 second videos the vibe of this salon stood out as special and once I made my way up that staircase that was even more evident. There really isn’t a place quite like it in Winnipeg!

Now before we get into my hair transformation, to give you all a better understanding about Lineage House and its rich history I did a Q&A with Fran.

TTF: How would you describe Lineage House?

FR: It’s a community-based natural salon that focuses on enhancing authentic beauty from within; a beauty ecosystem. We offer a sustainable and customized salon experience for each client. Focusing on the natural beauty of the individual, we provide tailored beauty recommendations to help the client look and feel their best while doing the least harm to self and the environment as possible.

TTF: What inspired you to start lineage house?

FR: We wanted to fill a gap we saw in our community. Our core values revolve around natural beauty and to showcase our commitment to it we carrying natural product lines, which contain minimal chemicals and naturally-derived ingredients. Lineage is the only salon in Winnipeg that focuses on enhancing beauty from within by offering a curated supplement and vitamin lineup for healthy hair, skin and nails.

TTF: Tell us about the history of Lineage House location.

FR: The backstory on our space is more than what the eye can see. We grew up just below it, in our mom’s travel agency, having lunch, sing-a-longs, card games etc. That place is another home gathering, and we had always admired Sharon’s salon above the agency, the legacy she built for over 25 years (Upstairs for Hair). It is an enormous weight to take over such a staple space and we hope to do it justice.

TTF: What do you see for lineage house in the future?

FR: We see Lineage as a lifestyle experience of what my sister and I love. We want you feel it’s a place to come for external as well as internal well being. We can only hope to be a staple in the community for years to come.

It’s an entire experience the whole time your at Lineage House. From the cute purse hooks at each chair to the high-end natural products, everything about it is natural luxury. I couldn’t help, but feel totally relaxed even though I went from having blond balayage hair that went more than halfway down my back to a rich dark brown bob. Experience is key and I’d say Lineage House really created a meaningful one.

Here’s a before and after of my hair transformation:

To book an appointment with Marchy or Fran or even one of the other talented stylists at Lineage House visit:

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Xo, V