Drive-Thrus & Day Trips with the Ford EcoSport

Whether it's a coffee run or picking up a quick dinner, drive-thrus are total time savers for a busy person like myself. In honour of National Drive-Thru Day (July 24) I've partnered with Ford Canada to take their new Eco-friendly Ford EcoSport - the compact SUV - around for the week. And let me just start off by saying I'm really REALLY loving this car. Not only does it have a gorgeous interior, but it's super compact yet still roomy! I was definietly driving in style all week. 


I started off my week with the #FordEcoSport on National Drive-Thru Day so I picked up my friend Leslie and naturally we had to grab an iced coffee ASAP and went to a nearby drive-thru. We then headed out of the city for dinner to a Manitoba staple - Half Moon Drive In. If you've never been there before let me tell you it's one of the coolest little diners I've ever seen and they have the best hot dogs - and this is coming from someone who usually picks a burger over a hot dog. 

During the 30 minute trip to Half Moon, I really took advantage of some of the great features of the EcoSport. First off, the technology of this car is incredible. It has an awesome 8 inch touchscreen which makes it simple to do things like checking your navigation to changing your music. And if you're like me and have an Apple phone it also has Apple CarPlay for a seamless experience. We definitely had our favourite country tunes going for most of the drive! 

One of the other technology features I really noticed during the drive was its BLIS (Blind Spot Information System). What's that you may ask? Well it is a small indicator light on the car’s side mirrors that light up whenever a vehicle approaches your blind spot. A very very helpful feature especially when highway driving! 

Once we made it to Half Moon, I ordered a poutine and hotdog for dinner and finished off the night with a strawberry milkshake - my absolute fav! On our way back home we had the moon roof opened and enjoyed the nice ride back into the city.

After filling the rest of the week with more drive-thru stops and daily errands, an eco-friendly feature of the #FordEcoSport I found to appreciate is its Auto Start-Stop. Basically when you come to a complete stop, the engine will shut off. This helps with how much fuel you consume. And then once you lift your foot off the break the car instantly restarts. For someone who does a LOT of city driving I found this a really neat feature. And it's also really good on gas! 

On Saturday I picked up my friend Reyna and we took a day-trip down to Morden, Manitoba. We first found a Starbucks drive-thru and order some coffee to go, then we were on our way. Once we got to Morden we grabbed some lunch at Coffee Culture, then spent the afternoon walking around and finding some cool spots to take pictures.

We then quickly popped over to Winker, Manitoba, which is five minutes away form Morden, and found the most beautiful garden! 

Once we finished exploring Morden and Winkler we headed to Carman, Manitoba to Syl's Drive Inn to grab some of their delicious ice cream! 


Seriously though - how gorg is the interior of this car though? I'm just LOVING its copper accents. 


All-in-all I had a blast taking the #FordEcoSport out around for the week. From the drive-thrus, to the day trips this little compact SUV was a great ride. It drove super smooth and is very comfortable. Thank you Ford Canada for lending me this ride for the week #Ford_Partner!

Hope you enjoyed my little driving adventure story time. Comment below if you've been to any of the places I mentioned above and what your favourite drive-thru is.

Happy National Drive-Thru Day! 


Ps. Thank you Leslie and Reyna for taking the photos of me. :)